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Listen to some music while you have look around

Now the wait is over! We've found some of the coolest albums for this week's album releases. Here we have among others (...) Nikki Oniyome.

 - Bands of Tomorrow

I love, sonically very cool it is also nicely paced and unpredictable both in phrasing, tempo, and choice of diff sounds....and I love your voice! Eclectic Cool;) Keep it up Nikki <3

Perry Mittelstaedt

Omg of course I loooove it!!! I don't care how much you want for your packages! I can't wait to get my paws on it! I'm going for the signed edition! :):)

Karol Kawa

It's awesome to hear how a song can take so many different shapes, before getting into an album. The "disco version" is a beauty: it may seem a strange idea to accompany Lisa's wonderful, sweet, melancholic voice with a bassline that seems taken from some 70's disco hit, but it works wonderfully! Among the two alternative versions, I especially loved the rock version - it almost sounds like a song from another band, except of course for Nikki's lovely voice! :-)

Bruno Del Frate

About us

Nikki Oniyome 鬼嫁日記 is an artpop, folktronica and trip hop project based in Norway, part of the independent Oslo-based music collective Metronomicon Audio known for uncovering new and interesting music on the Norwegian music scene. 

Thank you so much for coming on over here! We are independent artists, which means we rely 100% on our fans to help us continue making music. If you purchase anything directly from us - whether a t-shirt, digital or physical music - you can rest assured that you've just done a very good thing in supporting music!

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Reviewers say

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This is like water in the desert! Exactly what I have been waiting for. Refreshing and necessary.
Thank you.

Delianidi Ejiofor Natalia

Just stumbled on this. Big Portishead fan so this is ticking boxes that haven't been ticked in a long time. I will be investigating...thank you!

Marc Nicholas

Evocative sound, ipnotic,so inusual ,so beautiful ,i like this kinda music ! Bravissima

Claudia Mazzola

I’ve just listened to Sui/Mizu again and thought how great it sounds a year after I bought it. Drown was thing but Eddy was another. A breath of fresh air...and I still can’t categorise the music, and that to me is worth a million 😎👌

Steve Hazelton

What do I hear in Niki O's music? Peace of mind with an endless canvas of which I'm excited to watch fill with captivating and hypnotic content. Keep turning over the tracks and I'll keep getting them Nikki Oniyome.

Christopher Henderson

I need this music in my life!!! I find it absolutely captivating!!! Very reminiscent of Portishead!! Love it 

Linda Urton

Unique and original! Mysterious, evocative, melancholy and beautiful!

Terje Halmrast

Could she be the new Beth?
Sure is a Great sound, I must hear more. 

Rick Scott

Such a majestically comforting piece.

Ernest De La Pena

It's eerily calming and soothing in the most perfectly beautiful ways!

Alex Johansson


Kelly Spanou

"I like very much your atmosphere. Great voice, great sound." 

Stéphane De Mitri

"Early fever Ray vibe?"

Adam Moloney, REMEDY Music

My favourite new aural discovery this year. Absolutely love your music Nikki! So soothing and relaxing... like valium for the soul! 🎶😍

Nikolas Zane

Absolutely fantastic hypnotic music, perfect for the coming autumn and winter nights. For going or driving through the darkness. I love it!

Michael Burmann

"Nikki Oniyome 日記 嫁 日記 captivates with unusual sounds, weird ideas and a successful production." 

Global Music Blog

"The mesmerizing, trance-like vocals are the ultimate compliment to a track like this. These guys have a lot to offer." 

Rock the Pigeon

"If you love darkness (and you know I do), Oniyome is for you. "  


"The music of Nikki Oniyome is powerful. It's impact grows with repeated listening." 

Get To The Chorus

"It's strangely beautiful, and strangely twisted at the same time." 

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