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Drown 溺 (digital single)

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Nikki Oniyome's single from their first EP Sui/Mizu 水.  

Download includes a zip file containing:
  • High-quality WAV file
  • MP3 file
  • Nikki Oniyome artwork
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Reviewers say:
"Fifteen seconds can feel like a lifetime… and when it’s fifteen seconds of sporadic, drum-machine emptiness cosmologically expanding into an aching eternity it’s almost too much to bear. Such things, all too often, get too many babies thrown out with the bath-water and on a different day I might well have skipped on to the next track. But, just in time Wham! At fifteen seconds I’m hooked. Thirty seconds and I’m an Atlantic Salmon baking on a bed of broccoli... A heady Mysterons-like cornucopia of electronica and ethereal vocals just whisked me back to Portishead, Bristol 1994."
 - Get To The Chorus

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