We are underestimating our strength...

Today, find myself in Corona-quarantine, and I will stay here in my home at least until the end of next week. If not longer.  

The entire country has been closed down to ward off the dreaded Covid-19 that has outnumbers so many of the best among us.  
Next week I might get notified that I have to serve duty at the hospital at working hours unknown to me. It might not happen, but if it does, it might mean that I will have very little time doing music the next months, until we are able to fight this thing off.  
I must admit I feel awe, respect and admiration for the health workers working in the frontline for us, risking their own health and even the health of their own families.  
At the same time: It reminds me of the bravery of human kind. Together we are so much stronger than we ever can be on our own - it is beyond our comprehension.  
I hope you, your familiy and friends, remains safe and well. I urge you to respect this disease - lets stand together in spirit until the hard times are over!  
All the best to you and warm blessing <3 <3 <3  
xoxo Nikki

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