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Signed CD Bundle of the Debut Album and Debut EP (sold out)

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Order before December 11 (if you live in Europe and USA) and get it before Christmas! Shipping is on us!

This is the ultimate Just Getting Started CD Pack, including the signed white colored CD of the album, the signed Debut EP CD from 2018, and enhanced download of the album inlcuding mp3 and wav-files, lyrics and digital cover art. 

Order now and shipping is on us! 

    • Colored CD Album, signed
    • Colored CD Ep, signed
    • Debut Album Download (Enhanced)
    • Free shipping

The album is released November 28, 2019, and will be shipped to you shortly after. 

Listen to the debut album here! 

And here's what Bands of Tomorrow have to say about the album: 

This is what listeners are saying: 

I love, sonically very cool it is also nicely paced and unpredictable both in phrasing, tempo, and choice of diff sounds....and I love your voice! Eclectic Cool;) Keep it up Nikki.

- Perry Mittelstaedt

Omg of course I loooove it!!! I don't care how much you want for your packages! I can't wait to get my paws on it! I'm going for the signed edition! 

- Karol Kawa

It's awesome to hear how a song can take so many different shapes, before getting into an album. The "disco version" is a beauty: it may seem a strange idea to accompany Lisa's wonderful, sweet, melancholic voice with a bassline that seems taken from some 70's disco hit, but it works wonderfully! Among the two alternative versions, I especially loved the rock version - it almost sounds like a song from another band, except of course for Nikki's lovely voice!

- Bruno Del Frate

Wow, I just had a listen to 'Save me' and I really like it! In fact I think it's superb! Well done you guys..When I hear a piece of music or go out and buy something it's usually with a view to incorporate it into one of my sets. I can't wait to hear your album and shall look forward to sharing it with those within audible range, I sure they'll love it too.

- Ash